Vimention launched open beta

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Vimention is an interesting new location based social media platform. The idea is a bit like Twitter’s, but Vimention puts all the content on a map. On the map users can see how the topic in question develops and where in the world (or even in which city block) the topic is hot.

The map plays a key role in Vimention

The founder Tomi Hiltunen says the origin of the idea is in the riots of London. He was about to travel London just when the riots arose. The problem was lack of specific information. The news channels were reporting only of the biggest clashes and the big picture. Twitter hashtags were running rapidly and chronologically and YouTube gave very generalized picture. Accurate information where in London the actual riots took place and which parts of the city would have been safe and reasonable for a hotel booking was not available. If Vimention had existed then it would have given all the answers.

Similarities and differences compared to other social platforms
  • Pictures, videos and texts are supported
  • Compared to Facebook, everything is public. You can also publish using username
  • Compared to Flickr the point is not to save and organize the pictures for your own satisfaction but to publish them for the world to see
  • Compared to Twitter the main difference is in the map
  • Phenomena and topic oriented (not person or friend oriented)
  • There’s no circles, groups, pages or what so ever. Just users. All though you can follow other users like in Pinterest.

What’s new?

In Vimention the map plays key role. The map differentiates Vimention from the others. It tells the users what topics are hot and how situations evolve around neighbourhoods. All though Trendsmap allows users to track Twitter feed on a map, it’s mainly a monitoring tool and doesn’t enable users to communicate with each other. (Plus it has gross Google Advertisements of wrinkle balms and weight loss at least in Finnish markets)

In the future?

When the user base increases the content will be more miscellaneous. Here are some examples how I see Vimention in use in the near future:
  • Apple can monitor how different countries react on iPhone5
  • The world sees the real picture and scope if/when the Italians start rioting against governments cutting expenses
  • The word of oil leaks of multinational oil companies will spread more rapidly
  • The presidential candidates will see the attitudes of voters in real time instead of having to wait for the opinion polls’ results
  • Vimention users can check on Vimention’s map where exactly the best party of the town is going on.

In the beta phase there’s still lots to be done and many details to be solved as to usability and features. However I see a great potential on Vimention and I’m sure the Vimention team did not make their way for nothing to the group of 12 finalists in the international G-Startup 2012 competition in Beijing, China.


Twitter= I need to pee
Facebook= I peed!
Foursquare= I'm peeing here
Quora= Why am I peeing?
Youtube= Watch this pee!
LinkedIn= I pee well
Vimention = Where the world is peeing?